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Company Overview

Petrofor is an international group who provides tailor made services to unlock the world's natural resources for our customers with safety and operational excellence being our highest priorities.


Staffed with leading industry professionals who possess mobile offshore drilling know-how, delivering world class well construction services.


Through strategic remodeling of proven international assets, Petrofor provides its clients with optimum pathways to success without compromising safety, quality or the environment.


Projects are executed by using the know-how and experience of Petrofor's permanent teams, supported by proven technology and assets.


Petrofor has extensive experience and expertise in all forms of well construction services. We adopt a common sense approach to carry out reviews of current asset performance to contentiously identify opportunities for uptime optimization. Our operations are assured by a streamlined process from project planning to execution with self-owned proven technology and complemented services from our partners and customers. Our culture and positive team work among our specialists results in smooth interface with our customers.


Solid Waste Control
Casing Running
Wellbore Clean Up

Core Values

Open Minded


Thanks to its self-elevating jackups with advanced technology onboard, Platform Rig and LandRig Petrofor provides a full and versatile range of operations and services in meeting our clients’ requirements.

Type: Self Elevating Jack Up
Design: Enhanced MLT 53S
Helideck: 74 x 74ft Octagonal – 9.5T
Hull Dimensions: 308ft x 233ft x 26ft
Legs length: 478ft
Spud Can Diameter: 46ft – 8 sided
Current location: Gabon
Type: Self Elevating Jack Up
Design: MLT Class 82 SD-C Triangular
Helideck: Sikorski S-61
Hull Dimensions: 207ft x 176ft x 20ft
Legs length: 360 ft
Spud Can Diameter: 40 ft
Current location: Democratic Republic of Congo
Type: Land Rig
Design: Telescopic double, 700HP Rig Master Model 2003
Nominal Depth rating: 10400ft/3170m
Current location: Gabon
Type: Platform Rig
Max Drilling Depth: 16 000ft/4 879m (3 ½’’DP)
Hoisting system: Top Drive Canrig 6027E
Skidding system:  Yes
Current location: Cameroon
Type: Self Elevating Accommodation and Construction Unit
Design: MLT Gorilla Class 200-C
POB: 111 PAX
Helideck: 94ft x 90ft – 18t
Hull Dimensions: 386ft x 292ft x 30ft
Legs length: 537ft

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